Document Drop Off – USPS, UPS, Federal Express

We will drop off documents at your request at the United States Post Office, Federal Express or U.P.S. after you have had a chance to review our notarization via emailed PDF of the executed documents.   Documents will be dropped off the same day PROVIDED THAT:  Approval of documents and label is received by 5pm the same day (No service on Sunday, those will go out Monday).  If document approval or label is received AFTER 5pm, the documents will be dropped off the following day.

You must provide a paid shipping label for us.  We will not generate nor pay for shipping your documents.


Past experience.

Weather delays, accidents in transit, etc. are beyond our control.  If documents are time sensitive we simply cannot accept the liability of shipping on our account.  We have also had several instances where additional charges have been added to the delivery costs and have not been reimbursed to us.  When you ship on your account, you have more control over the shipment.  We will assume no liability in shipping documents.