1.  The patient must be awake, coherent, an not under the influence of drugs (prescription or otherwise) that would affect the patients ability to understand the documents he or she is signing or that would render the patient capable of signing the document(s) or making their mark upon the documents.

2.  The patient should have had the document(s) explained before arrival of the notary.  Notaries are not allowed to explain or give legal advice.  Constult an attorney if needed.

3.  Patient’s State Issued photo ID (Driver’s License or Identification Only License), Passport issued by the U.S. Department of State or foreign government or valid Military ID  must be immediately available. 

4.  Confirm that all documents are completely filled out and dated.  DO NOT SIGN until notary is present and patient’s (and any other signer’s) identities have been confirmed by the notary.

5.  If the patient is incapable of providing a signature but is otherwise able to make a mark or voluntarily provide a finger print, two unrelated witnesses must be present and sign in the notary’s journal.  Witnesses are to be impartial and must not benefit in any way from the notarization of the document.  We strongly suggest that witnesses not be related to any party named in the document(s) and reserve the right to deny notarization should witnesses not meeting the above criteria not be available.

6.  Notify doctors and nurses at least an hour in advance that the patient will be signing legal documents and they should not administer any drugs that could affect the patient’s cognitive function or ability to understand the documents they will be signing.

*We reserve the right to refuse notary services to patients who are incapable of signing or making their mark and/or those patients who are incapable of understanding the documents they are signing due to sedation, pain management, other medications or medical conditions.  Patients must be of sound mind before any signatures will be notarized.  THIS IS FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE PATIENT.  All travel and expense fees will be due regardless of notarization.

*Signers must present valid, government issued photo ID.  If ID is not available, please consult with the notary for additional requirements prior to scheduling an appointment.