Keep Your Paperwork In Order

Quite often clients will hand the notary a single sheet of paper with nothing but a notary certificate and have 15 other pages circulating among the signer, winesses, etc. The notary must verify and record the type and title of the document as well as fill out the notary certificate with the correct names in the proper places. With papers and IDs being passed all across a hospital room there is a huge possibility that mistakes will be made.

To alleviate this, please keep your documents in order, preferably stapled together by document. This will keep them in page order and make it easier to insure everything is filled out correctly.

Please have ID for ALL signers ready to hand the notary when he or she arrives. Please allow the notary to hold on to your ID until the signing is over and all signers have signed the notary’s journal. The notary may have to refer to IDs several times during the process. We promise, you’ll get your ID back

We understand that hospital notarizations can be stressful, but if you will allow only the notary to handle documents and IDs, things will go much easier. We do this every day. We appreciate the offer to help and speed things up, but there is almost a “ritual” to notarizing documents and we have a step by step system that alleviates many potential errors.